Keep Your Dog Hydrated While Hiking

Ready to hit those hiking trails with your four-legged friend!?  We are too!  Whether you’re hiking for the view, the exercise or just for the sake of your dog getting to smell new smells, it’s important to hydrate! (Both of you!)  Of course, you know the best way to provide water for your dog is with our Bark Bottle – your pup gets filtered water while on the go.  In addition to hydration, here are a few ideas to make the most of your hike:

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Tiffany Allis
How to Maintain Pet Obesity

It’s natural for us to be concerned about our own weight when we can’t fit our clothes anymore. However, we seem to sometimes forget about our pet’s weight and health. Those extra treats after dinner may be the reason why our pets are overweight or even worse, obese. This means that our pets have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney, and even heart diseases. So how can you slim down your pet? It’s not as hard as you might think! Try these easy tips to trim pounds from your pet.

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Tips for Road Trips with your Dog

After being cooped up inside all winter, spring is the best time to get outside and start to explore before it becomes scorching hot. Now that the seasons are changing from arctic cold temperatures to warm sunshine, you’re probably thinking of planning a road trip. If you’re going to bring your furry companion, you might have to pack a little extra to make sure you have all their necessities.

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Spring Forward and How It’ll Affect your Dog

Now that Daylight Savings is just in a few days, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll be losing an hour of sleep. Truth is, your pet is affected just as much as you are. This is because some animals become accustomed to their daily routine that the one-hour spring forward can throw them off schedule. 

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John Riddle