Tips for Road Trips with your Dog


After being cooped up inside all winter, spring is the best time to get outside and start to explore before it becomes scorching hot. Now that the seasons are changing from arctic cold temperatures to warm sunshine, you’re probably thinking of planning a road trip. If you’re going to bring your furry companion, you might have to pack a little extra to make sure you have all their necessities.

Must Haves:

When traveling with your pet make sure you have their medicine, food, water and anything else they might need. If they are usually scared of traveling in a vehicle, bringing their favorite toy or blanket may help calm them down. If you don’t want to bring a water bowl to avoid spills you might want to opt for a portable dog water bottle. The LOCK LACES® Bark Bottle™ is a portable dog water bottle that can hold up to 12 fluid ounces. The bottle has a locking mechanism which makes it leak proof and can be stored while traveling.  Once your dog has lapped up all the water, he/she needs, simply lock the water dispenser.


You may think you can drive 4+ hours straight to your destination without stopping however, if you are driving with your pet you might want to take a break every couple of hours. This is to make sure if they need a bathroom break or just some fresh air.

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