Moving with Your Pet


Moving can be a stressful process, especially with a pet. Whether you are bringing your newly adopted puppy home or relocating to a different home it may feel a little overwhelming. We’ve included a few tips on how to make moving a little bit more streamlined.

Contact the Vet

If your moving out of the area, make sure to contact your vet so they can get your prescription medications ready. They can also help you find a new vet in the area you are moving to.

Overnight kit

An overnight kit should be handy whether you are traveling or moving with your pet. This kit includes all the necessities needed such as food, water, toys, and grooming tools.

Update Information

Once you are all settled in your new home, you should always make sure to update your pet’s information on their tags and microchip.

Slow Introduction

Pets are sometimes territorial which makes it harder for them to adjust to a new place if they are constantly inside. The best thing to do is move everything before you decide to move your pets. Once you make the move, confine your pet into a room before letting them roam around. This will allow them to become adjusted to their surroundings.