Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog


While holiday shopping is in full effect, we’re so busy running to shopping malls and searching the internet for perfect gifts for the holidays that we seem to forget about our furry family members. This holiday season, go all out for your best friend and get them a gift they will love and remember.

Pet Bed:

During the cold winter months, you’re not the only one that wants to be snuggled up in a warm comfy bed. If your dog is a chewer, you might want to skip this gift but always look for a durable and washable pet bed for longevity.

A Portable Dog Water Bottle:

This holiday season get a portable dog water bottle for hiking and long car rides! The Lock Laces® Bark Bottle™ is BPA free, reusable, easy to fill, not messy and has a carbon filter.

Chew Toy:

Dogs love toys and to make it better get a toy that you can put treats inside! Your dog will go crazy for a chew toy that they can destroy and get a snack out of it.

Stylish Collar:

Dress up your pooch for the holidays with simple yet stylish collars. Some dogs don’t like the whole sweater/clothing attire, but you can spice up their wardrobe by switching out their leash or collar.