Dog Hacks 101


If you know your dog loves toys this might be a great DIY hack! Toys can get expensive if your dog tends to destroy them in one go. However, save money by using a plastic water bottle! All you must do is get a size appropriate bottle and squeeze just a tad to prevent it from being crushed completely!

Slow feeder

Dogs love food just like us but unfortunately, some of them love it so much they will eat so quick and vomit it out after. Yuck! This can lead to stomach aches and other difficulties. The faster they eat, the less they chew which means they can choke. One easy way to stop them from eating so fast is to add a ball into their food bowl. This will slow them down because they will have to shove the ball from side to side to get to the food.


Dog water bottle for on the go break

Dog water bottles are convenient for long walks and car rides. If your dog is tired out and needs a quick drink, just pull out a dog water bottle! It’s mess free and if you don’t use all the water you can always press the locking mechanism to have it go back into the bottle.


Get Rid of Pet Hair

We love our furry friends, but their hair can get everywhere! An easy hack to remove their hair from car rides/ beds is just using a squeegee. The rubber blade catches hair as you move it against the seats.