Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners


Before you start the holiday season think about how to include your pet safe during holiday festivities. Keep your furry friend safe and out of trouble during these seasonal safety tips.


If you’re a dog owner, you’ll most likely know that chocolate is an absolute no however, as tempting as it is we always seem to give in to their puppy eyes and give them our leftovers. This is actually bad for the health of your pet because certain foods can either upset their stomach, or get stuck in their throat. Foods such as dairy, grapes, onions and garlic can be dangerous for your pets.


Now that Thanksgiving is next week, Christmas is just around the corner. The best part about holiday season is of course decorating however please think about how toxic the fake plants may be to your pet. If you are going to have a tree, make sure that it is secure and won’t tip over your pet. Keep those sparkly glass or plastic ornaments out of reach. These can cut your pets mouth and cause serious damage.

Safe Spot

If you are having family or friends over to celebrate, make sure your pet has a safe quiet room they can relax. Sometimes being around too many people may be overwhelming and stressful for them.


When traveling with your pet make sure you have all of their necessities such as medicine, food, water, anything else they need.

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We hope these tips helped and will keep your furry friend paw of reach from trouble!