Introducing Lock Laces® Bark Bottle™


If you’re a dog owner or soon to be one, you should include a dog travel water bottle in your pet essentials. You’ll never know when you’ll need one whether if you go on a hike or a long car ride for the holidays.

If you want simple, sleek and effective portable water bottle specifically for your pooch, then the Lock Laces® Bark Bottle™ might be the best fit for you. It’s not so big and bulky that will take a lot of room in your bag and it even fits cup holders in your car.

The Bark Bottle™ is BPA free, reusable, easy to fill, not messy and has a carbon filter. If your dog lives an on-the-go, active, lifestyle; like you, then your dog will love this clever product and it will make your life easier.


It consists of four main parts which are the filter, filter holder, bowl and the bottle itself. The bottle is a clear, and sleek cylinder that holds 12 ounces of water. Unlike other dog water bottles, the bowl is attached to the water chamber. This decreases the number of items you must carry while traveling.

The button on the bowl acts as a valve which will lock and allow you to release water on command. It’s that easy, no unnecessary spills! If there are any left-over water, you can tilt the bottle up while holding down the button and the water will drain back into the bottle.

The carbon filter ensures all water that passes through the bottle is purified for your dog. This is located between the bottle and the bowl by the filter holder in the middle of the bottle. You can fill the Bark Bottle™ up at any location with tap water so, now you don’t have to haul around extra filtered water for your dog.

The Lock Laces® Bark Bottle™ comes in the color light green, sky blue or grey. Overall, the Bark Bottle™ makes it easy to treat our pets how we want to be treated by providing a product that gives dogs access to clean drinking water anywhere! Get yours today here!